Making Mole on a Sunday Afternoon

Making Mole On a Sunday Afternoon

I place my pew in front of the blender and stove,
with pot and spoon and spices-
and begin the relief and release that for some
might be a meal and to others, to me,
is prayer—layer after layer of texture and flavour;
Honest discovery and honest attempt
to communicate through this art of the senses
what moves within me, my mind, heart, and hands;
Loosening as I go, things flow
into equilibriums of salt and acid, stillness and conversation,
that raise the head on a tilt of Oh yes…
This is it, that’s what I mean;

I taste the subtleties and consider and notice…
Notice that through the ritual of slicing, chopping,
blending, tasting, trying and offering,
there is surrounding me, delighting me,
the earthy bloom of an incense composed
of gratitude and cilantro, sesame and grace.

Kimberly M. King

Note: the recipe I used for the mole is here: Pepián Verde. It’s rather amazing, I must say…

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