The Why

The Why of Why I Wrote It

(The It being Creed)

Now and then
I sense the time
has come to say for myself,
for myself, because no one
can say it for me;
no one can say what it is that I
take up to walk with
and what I leave lie to the side.
Now and then I know the time has come
to say for myself What I Believe.
What I believe about God, about Spirit,
about mystery, horizons, and tomorrow.

And more often than not,
when the ink gets swinging
and the heart is a song I can hum,
what I find on the page
is the centre-weight, the simple,
the true and the bare and the plain.
The gravity for my dignity
that keeps me both
bound to this Earth and
full of the holy of here
and curiously drawn
to the wonder of what I do not yet know.

Kimberly M. King

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