There is…and there aren’t always

Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia ; 14 January, 2023

Sometimes there simply aren’t
the words, or there are
but they are moving too quickly
to be clear, to find, to fix
however temporarily
to the page.

It’s a both-and—
I need to be still enough
in the thick of it all
to hear them, to invite them near,
and the words, they—-
No, the whirl is bigger than words.

The language,
it needs its own time
to settle into words.
Something I am learning-
there is always language;
there aren’t necessarily words.

Kimberly M. King

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marie Hay says:

    a journey through a cascade of words, to reach a still pool.


  2. Yes…a pool of the language of heart, spirit, love, welcome…where one can float, where one can Be.


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