I can’t say that I feel it all all of the time, for sure… but at my core, this is pretty much it. Wrote it to remind myself.


Without my glasses on
the world’s a bit Monet
yet I know what I see
when I’m looking at me:
the grace and challenge that is humanity.
I see gift and flaw and plenty of questions
I see hope and joy and imperfections.
I see God’s image and I see love,
I see fighter and I see dove.
To know all of that, walk with that
dance, speak, sleep in the bed
with all of that,
is my freedom to Be all of that,
to see all of that, to stand back
and admire the art
that walks beside me,
painted, chalked, stained glass,
made, sculpted, woven,
out of all that.

Kimberly M. King

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marie Hay says:

    This is a masterpiece!


    1. Thank you…It is always something of a gratifying surprise to know that a piece has a life outside of its meaning to the one who wrote it!


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