A Psalm of Vinegar and Molasses

A Psalm of Vinegar and Molasses 

How wondrous are your flavours,
oh Lord of balance and surprise; How wondrous 
to spend time within the intimacy 
that is cutting board and quiet;
that is the scent of toasting seeds
and the crack of release when 
they are pressed against the grain, 
leaving for history an echoing amen
before being pinched up to dust
the glory that is Your garden’s perfection.

How magnificent is your chemistry
that froths in golden agitation atop the encounter 
of vinegar, molasses, raisin, hot butter, and walnut.
How astounding is this invitation
to create with You, to learn of You,
and nourish the soul and the body alike.

All of this is You at work, You at play,
You delighting in the doorway of my senses,
beside me as I pray with your offering,
as I pray, as I too delight, as I make a day’s end meal.

Kimberly M. King

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