Biscuits with Lyrical Jam

Because sometimes a blog entry comes out like this…and the biscuits are delicious, by the way.



2 c. flour

4 t baking powder

(PLUS if desired… 3 T granulated sugar, a bit of cinnamon, a bit of cardamom—a decent 1/4 t each?)


1 stick of really cold butter

(I am convinced grating the butter makes a difference in the final outcome)


MAKE A WELL in the butter-dry combo


Somewhere between 3/4 and 1 c. milk.

STIR Gently with fork (You want it all damp-dry, not sopping-sticky. Will still look crumby—the kneading will bring it together)

TURN OUT onto floured surface and KNEAD about six times with a ‘push outward, fold back over’ approach. (The folding back over gives the final biscuit striations—easier to pull apart or cut)

ROLL out to 1/4” thickness

CUT ROUNDS with a floured drinking glass or biscuit cutter

BAKE on a parchment or foil covered cookie sheet. If using foil, (I ran out of parchment), I used it matte side up…ie, shiny side to the cookie sheet.

375 for 10-11 minutes if using convection. Otherwise…a bit longer—check at 15 and see? Tops will get a bit golden-toasty.

Lyrical Jam

Lyrical Jam

The mental shift when I sift
is alone worth the time I take to bake,
to calculate how many, how much, how hot,
how does it feel and how much to knead—
How many people will the recipe feed?
Those numbers, though, they tend to mislead.
Time in the kitchen always feeds more.
Here’s the score-

I sink my hands into edible grace and unpack my mind
in another place where I can think,
can compose honestly, uninterruptedly,
until the biscuits are done and what others can see
is a manifestation of dough’s destiny.
But the work that’s done inside of me,
the lines and thoughts and newly felt harmonies,
the open windows behind the scenes?

That is of value beyond butter and milk-
that is dressing my mood in satin and silk
and sitting me down with plate, yes m’am…
and serving a biscuit with lyrical jam.
It’s space for the mind
to roam and rest, not dart.

Time spent creating any kind of art
is time spent caring for the whole of the heart.

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