Three-Fold Blessing

I was surprised by beauty today…such a generous gift, that is… I was in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, for Spiritual Direction and I saw anew a nest I’d noticed first in late January (pic). It’s about half again as big as it seems in the photo and an architectural wonder in and of itself. Today, though…just as I was leaving, I met its residents as they too were heading out… three bald eagles. The poem tells the tale… and I am so grateful.

Three-Fold Blessing

I heard them first-
in a language not my own;
Chips and high, sliding, squeaks—
syllables spoken to be heard,
of Life and Death and Love?
Perhaps. Or matters more mundane.

Then sight— three wingspans
not yet far from home, just
leaving, as was I.
A journey and a circling
and a seeing
and a knowing of home within.

Thank you for your blessing
that is your being and for welcoming
the gaze of my heart…
Wild God, Wild Love,
Wild Flight, Wild Spirit,
Wild Yes.

Kimberly M. King

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