But by Fascination

After St. Andrew’s…4 September, 2022

But by Fascination

Not by force but by fascination
do I unfold my blanket, do I open wide my senses,
all of my senses, beneath
this wild and knotty tree
and stand outstretched
fully knowing that this,
this, is how she learned
to receive life into her embrace and to set
it free to fly onward, free
to fly onward with the seed memory
of having known a welcome
that meant shelter with others,
meant the nourishment one needs,
meant time to heal, to learn, to grow,
meant yes, and love, and anytime and
please come back, there will be room
and we will be better for your visit
because we already are better, now,
that you have been here, tucked within
leaf and branch, making your home.

Should another see me and wonder
whether I think myself a tree, I’d hope
at that moment that a jay
might land somewhere nearby,
twitching its head and flashing blue,
as if to ask—Does it matter?
Look, I can land on her shoulder-
I am home. Look,
add your blanket, stand open;
Here comes another. You are home.

Kimberly M. King

One Comment Add yours

  1. Marie says:

    Your beautiful reflection is a spur to contemplation and wonder. Thank you.


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