Homemade Carbs

I bake 
the Toyota Corolla 
of homemade carbs—
Reliable, consistent,
drive away ready, regular fuel,
intermittent wiper speed included;
cruise control is an extra;
Sturdy enough 
to be wrapped in a clean cloth napkin,
tucked in a bag
next to a thermos of tea
or locally roasted coffee,
and driven to enjoy a view
so spectacular that crumbs on a shirtfront
and dirt on a bumper 
go blissfully unnoticed
because suddenly, all is simply
butter and comfort,
cinnamon and the sea.

Kimberly M. King

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna Dolan says:

    Wish I were there to help myself to the new Scone Toyota ,


  2. Marie Hay says:

    My first ever car was a Toyota Corolla! However it was never blessed with such delicious cinnamon scones……..great reflection. Thanks. Marie


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