For and Of this and all of These

Last night, I dreamed about being in my favourite bookstore and laughing with the fine people that work there. Today, I gave a neighbour’s dog a massage in the driveway.  The ginger planted below the earth has appeared above, breaking surface through the combined power of hope, sun, science, and mystery.  Also, I had a text from a friend showing me that a poem of mine was used at a prayer service for a school; re-reading it was a gift from the universe–sometimes it is a beautiful thing to be reminded of one’s own words.  The sun has been out for several days now, the skies have been radiantly blue.  Clean sheets are on the bed and according to a CBC update, it looks like I might be able to get a haircut sometime in June.

Simple is sometimes all it takes. It’s been a good day.

All Is

And I ventured out into the rising new day,
laying witness with a look and with wonder:
I am for and of this and all of these.
And this and these are of me—
The shaft of light and the birdsong,
my neighbour, the elder, the child,
the hills, the waters, the deserts,
the places and the people who ache, who suffer…
My heart is of this whole;
My mind and spirit are drawn
into the tumble of laments and graces-
mine and yours and those of creation.
And in that teeming whirlwind we
are called to let go, called to bloom;
Called to awe and called to question;
Called to action, called to stillness,
to the fullness of our humanity
and to the divine recognition
that all is held in Love;
that all is called by Love.

Kimberly M. King

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