In the Wake of Beauty

I would like to always be drawn in by beauty. To have her hum off to the side, just loud enough for me to turn my head and notice her wake of textures and colours, angles, shadows, reflections. Her fullness is beyond what can be contained and I intuit that she delights in maintaining a sense of self that is hers alone. I find that pleasing, somehow. Pleasing and enticing…because she allows others to have that sense of self too, and she shows each of us different facets of who she is. I like that during our time together, Beauty always says—Breathe. LOOK. TASTE. SMELL, TOUCH, LISTEN…to nature, to others, to the new day, to your heartbeat, your footfall, the world.

This morning I returned from a couple of errands by way of the Public Gardens. It was no greater a distance than walking around them and it held the promise of pleasing nourishment. I followed a roughly diagonal direction and had an overwhelming sense of being in a ‘just right place.’ My body was grateful; my spirit was grounded and thrilled. I did not need to linger; I was not looking for reasons to draw out my visit. It is enough sometimes to be reminded of beauty’s simplicity, grace, and delight…

And, even though she had turned the corner to catch a ride with the blue jays making flight plans in the rhodos, I’m pretty sure Beauty heard me laugh with delight when I closed in on home.

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  1. Barbara McVeigh says:

    Ah, lovely . . .

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