An Appreciative Sigh: Peace of Place II

I share this now from the warmth of a coffee shop where I just had the woman who made my flat white ask—“Do you live near here or over on X street? I saw a woman taking out her garbage at the building next to mine and she looked just like you! I thought that would have been cool if it was you…”. I take out my notebook and watch the snow land between the fluffed out ears of a dog awaiting its newly caffeinated companion.

This was the view this morning…

Farmer’s Market…7:15 AM. The water is blazing with sky this morning. Quite something. And the flames keep rolling through their hues of glory; the heart-centre so alive as she births light upon the waters! Thank you for this time, this moment.

(—Time passes—)

The first glowing has cooled and there is an undulating quilt of lavender-apricot laid upon the new day. Riding the dips and swells are gulls and loons, both—not many—just enough quiet weight to soothe and reassure the newly alive.

I was not alone in laying witness to this fresh beginning. Those here in the Market with me leaned heavy on the harbour side and for just a moment, the murmuring hum of bustle and blessing gathered into an appreciative sigh and an acknowledging nod toward the radiant Becoming laid out before us.

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