For it All

I am working from the dining room today. I’ve booked events and people for January, April, and March. Publicity is in place for much of what is so far on the books for Winter/Spring. From where I am sitting, I can see the snow tumble-dancing a complicated free-form choreography from six windows surrounding me. I have a hot cup of tea beside me and, oh beautiful bow on top of this gift, just the right music is playing to accompany this space and mood. Music that is soothing, is lyrically beautiful, is alto grace and comfort.

Many I know are hurting and the world itself seems largely a mess of ache and agitation. Still, I find myself looking out into the crystalline shower and feeling some sort of cosmic union with it all.

It is good to breathe with the universe…it is good to be thankful for that. It is good to be thankful for it all….for the ways God too dances free-form and sometimes sings the alto part.

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