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It is no great secret to anyone who reads my posts via whatever means that I find great pleasure in going to the Halifax Seaport Market on as many early Saturday mornings as I am able. What happens there, the good that comes from steeping my senses in that ferment of sound, colour, and texture, varies. This week, while seated so as to look out over both the harbour and the first floor, I wrote to a friend, For now, the Market—a place where things make sense; or where, if they don’t, it doesn’t matter so much. There’s still room.Later in the day, I added…and that…that is part of what makes a space sacred.

That idea, that sacred space allows for a fullness, allows for the interior-orderly and sometimes the interior-amorphous or -chaotic… came back early this morning while tucked into the corner of the couch in a house the Province owns about an hour from Halifax.

Have been up since 5:30 watching your show along the seam where the water meets the sky. There’s a lovely potful of wake-up on the counter and the spectrum of your glory grows in splendour on the horizon…watching the colors bloom and saturate the clouds makes me think about the places and spaces where there is room; places and spaces that allow for the uncontainable, the changeable, the passionate, reflective, calm, grey, foggy, diffuse… Places and spaces that can allow for growth, for evolution…and maybe that is because those places/spaces focus on caring for, welcoming, the essence, the seed, the spark…and the care and welcome is both loose and present…expansive and consistent…nurturing.

There is also the piece of how the space itself changes, because of what is brought to it, because of what happens within it—like the sky receiving the rising sun…it is in some ways the same sky as has been forever and always; yet, it is also different because of what is brought to it.

So too humanity, so too the whole of creation.

The love that you offer…I am an evolving and hopefully a better me because of that love.

This world, hot mess that it is, may it be a more sacred place for creation because of what I offer in the truth and fullness of my humanity.

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