Never too Old, I hope…

I texted a friend this evening after watering the flowers in the front of our house… “I hope I never get too old to enjoy the fact that rainbows appear in the water spray…

The other day, I was working on the fifth floor of the local public library, looking out over an apartment building across the street. I noticed the mechanical shed with its venting. It all looked too particular…too specific to simply be a random pattern of vent holes. I pulled out my phone and brought up a Morse code alphabet…sure enough! The construction crew had cut out the name of the road, Spring Garden, in Morse code!

… .–. .-. .. -. –. / –. .- .-. -.. . -.

I hope to not forget the delight of both the puzzling out of what the hole arrangement meant and the fact that the crew chose to have fun with something as ordinary as venting for the HVAC.

It thrilled me yesterday to hear of the recent joys of two friends…one has an impending marriage and the other is a new homeowner in the throes of moving. I could not have been happier for both of them. It is a beautiful thing to see them both good with God, good with love, good with life, and to be able to see at a distance (both live far from where I do) that the good they know and feel is good for them, good for their people, and, I choose to believe, good for the world.

It’s never too late or too early to believe that. And never has it been more necessary than during this current Now that we are trying to navigate with as much hope as possible…

I want to always smile at the ducks in the Garden; delight in the first sip from a mug of something hot in the morning; revel in the simple perfection of a caprese salad; and find consolation looking out at the open sea. I want to stop and scratch the ears of dogs being walked and recognize the different ways love is revealed. May I always be kind to women like the one on the bus who looked at my shirt today, reached across two empty seats, tapped on my arm, and said…loudly… That’s great! Just Great! We should all try to do that!!

We should indeed… We should indeed. Never too old…

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  1. Stephanie Marcantel says:

    Dear Sister, I enjoyed your blog post today. A gentle reminder of awareness and remembering to be kind-always (Mother Teresa). May we continue to sdhere to the 5 Goals set before us and continue to bring Christ’s love in goodness to this world~as we never know the little miracles God has to reveal to us! I pray to work hard to help others and now more and more enjoy the simplicity in life as I continue to tone down, restructure and quiet my life, so as to be attentive in awareness and interiorly more and more dedicated to live out my faith journey in goodness and love into eternity. Love, Stephanie Fisher Marcantel, Academy of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau , Louisiana 87′


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