Tea with Nina Simone

There is a sound…a sound that opens my being and inhabits my bones for a while…and when that sound…meets a mood…and that mood meets a way to write…the lines fall out a certain way…like a picture of what I feel.  

“Nina Simone” by Stanley Chow

Tea with Nina Simone
Singer woman with a lived-in voice,
how I ache to climb the steps of those piano keys,
bending into the curve of your voice and
riding upside on the slide of your top note wail.
Mm. From there, that view, 
oh I’d throw my arms open and 
dive in dancing, I would…
Confident that air would catch 
beneath the canopy of my soul.
I will sigh when the song
is done, I will. Sigh
and sip my tea steaming
on the coaster beside me.
Me, in a wingback chair,
eyes closed and heart still swaying 
inside that waterfall 
of sound and liquid soul.
Kimberly M. King, RSCJ

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