Vacation in my Backpack

I Carry Vacation with Me
My brain needs space to rest and roam; my heart needs room to feel. 
A book in hand is a key to a place where ‘away’ becomes the real.
Wizards, mansions, and moors and trains; detectives, urchins and spies,
this and that and now and then and here and there, all fly.
With a turn of the page, the tuck of a chin, a settling into the chair,
I am elsewhere for a while, I am breathing different air.
So should you see me gazing off and not quite where I appear,
I’ve gone inside this elsewhere place…I’ll be back in a bit, right here.
When you find me, wherever you find me, may it seem when you cast a look
that I am refreshed for the journey I’ve taken with the passport of a book.

Kimberly M. King, RSCJ

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