Advent Grace

Advent Grace
And so the world in winter waits, latitude not withstanding…
Some wait at borders and in camps, uncertain of home or place;
some at bedsides, where time no longer has meaning.
Those for whom the night is too long, they wait for dawn to rise.
The animals in tufted hidey-holes wait for the re-waking of green,
and the trees slow their breathing, resting in the fallow earth
waiting for the warm flow that will again bear life and leaf and growth.
And the world is waiting…
is waiting for us…us gathered here.  
Gathered in relationship, gathered in faith, gathered to be nourished, 
by one another, and by the food we will share as we wait 
for the coming of the Star of Wonder,
the Child foretold, the One who will save.
The world waits for our hope 
to become acts of justice, mercy, compassion,
and love and love and love
so that winter may give way to spring
in the heart of our suffering world.
And the world may rise, refreshed and renewed, once again.

-Kimberly M. King, RSCJ-

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