Face to the Sun on Thanksgiving

My morning has left me more than a bit astounded.  Even before heading to the Public Gardens for a good while, I had been given the gift of light in different ways…the Light blooming early and brilliant against the blue outside; the light of warmth that spreads after the first sip of coffee; the gentle light that sometimes comes into the heart and spirit that has been woven through a message from a friend…

And then…As it is Thanksgiving and we had our celebration yesterday, I had the freedom to go the gardens for several hours.  To read, to write, to wander, see, notice, observe, feel… Each of those actions bringing their own worth and wonder.

Face to the Sun in the Public Gardens on Thanksgiving
(With thanks to Mary Oliver who is the first person I’ve ever read who used ‘everlasting’ as a noun…)
When I turn into, toward,
the deep and cradling everlasting,
there is the sensation of being
both taken up by it and 
being blessed by it 
that I might walk this Earth 
knowing, remembering,
what you feel like…
Knowing and remembering
not in selfish exclusivity
but rather to offer 
a place where it can 
bloom, grow, twine, reach
in an unreserved tumble 
of color and texture—
Wildgrace sown and set free.
Kimberly M. King, RSCJ

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