A Glimpse of Sunday

A photo I wrote while out on a wander this morning. It was so beautiful…

11:10 AM

Inside the church. Only twenty minutes have passed since entering Antica. Seems like longer ago than that, but then again, I was famished and wolfed the pan dulce and cappuccino. Perhaps after lunch I will walk across our bridge and wander a bit over there. Maybe find a place to sit and just take in the context. That is one reason I am here so early and why I like my time in coffee shops. They are places where one can “sit in the midst” and yet be unobtrusive. I love that opportunity–to simply step my senses in context. The clackity-clunk of the plates and saucers, cups and mugs at Antica. The press of the too small wicker chair bottom.

The organ is playing with a fantastic, full, sound. The light pouring through the sides…like the warp or weft threads of a loom and the church as well as what rises from it is somehow woven around/woven through these threads of light. They are helping each other hold together this small bit of the universe. The people gathered, they add the pattern, the texture, the dimension that brings life, vitality, purpose, to this weaving. People…LIFE…it is for THIS that the universe IS held together. The call to life in abundance. And if Life in abundance then Love in that measure as well.


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  1. Ginny Hamel says:

    I wish I was there…


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