Where I am Home

I have had reason of late to think a lot about home…about where I live…about feeling like I fit here…about my lifelong pattern of moving…


Where I am Home

There are times I want to ask, God,

why you gave me wings if

I am meant to stay and why

you let me love so deeply

if I am to be

called to the edge

of precipice or path, called

to give myself over

to the buoyancy of wonder,

yes, and ah! and on

a flight of so much more than fancy go.


Though, in the twining moments

of freely winding grace

I know why I do not ask:


The invitation is

neither to stay

nor to go.


The call is

to be

at home

in you

The call is

to rise

with the sun

to rest

with the stars

to let your love

move my heart.


Kimberly M. King, rscj


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  1. Pat R. says:

    Dear Kim,\”Home\” happens to be one of my favorite themes. Thank you for this. It's lovely in its simplicity.Love, Pat


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