Two Poems on the Journey

c. ArtemKreo
Ash Wednesday
Let this cross be my call 

to learn from the sun
how to live

to give everything
and still let go
one more time

to bloom full,
to bow,
and offer the wind
my soft petaled spirit.

                                                                                    c. MperiodPress

Oh, you amaze me—

what you show and teach me

and have me feel
leaves me humbled…
Humbled and nearly inside out
with a desire to
stand in the wind
where giving and receiving meet
and proclaim my love in return
with arms open wide-
reaching for the world.

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  1. TrudyConx says:

    Thanks for your sharing; it touches me deeply. TrudyGratitude is beyond words.You promised rescue if trusted.With trusting gecko feet,Clinging is powerful.Life has been rescued and reverenced.Gratitude is shown in Kindness and understanding. 2/11/12/ tjc


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