One Year

I don’t know if it is everything that has happened in the course of this last year or something else, but I have to say that it feels like much more time than a year has passed since thirteen of us made final vows in Rome…But, whatever it feels like, the calendar says Yes, today is the one year anniversary! 30 January, 2011-30 January, 2012.

I have reflected much today on what the “forever” of my ring means to me…and the wearing of my profession cross.  And I realize yet again and also anew how deeply their significance touches my heart…that they are profoundly important symbols to me…symbols of what I want my life to say and more than say, to proclaim.

I want my life to proclaim something of the fullness of Love and the complete welcome that God has for everyone.  I want my life to proclaim its roots in God…roots that are woven around me as a nest that moves with me as I walk this journey with Jesus.  I want my life to proclaim in my actions my own readiness to respond to the call of God… the call of God to fly–to go, to see, to touch, to smell, taste, hear, to create, to share, to walk in freedom– the call of God to love as God loves, to listen, to live my humanity, to integrate, to teach, and to be taught by others, to go beyond; the call of God to walk, arms open wide, straight on, deeper and deeper into the Heart…with others…deeper and deeper into a more just world; deeper and deeper into a Love that challenges and draws me forth…deeper and deeper until discovery and revelation meet in the bend and become whole, one…

Thank you, God, for the gift of my vocation, for the life you have given me to discover and reveal your Love, borne in the heart of Jesus.

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  1. I stumbled across this post from the RevGalBlogPals. I was touched by your reflection on this special anniversary in your life of faith. The 10 year anniversary of my ordination to ministry in the Presbyterian church is coming up this June, and I've begun to reflect on what that means already.I am responsible for the Wednesday Festival at RevGals this week, and I apologize for the very late notice, but I would like to repost this for the Festival tomorrow. Hoping it is OK, I'm going to get it set up, but if it is a problem please please let me know ( she dot rev at gmail dot com ). I'll have a back up plan.


  2. Clara rscj says:

    Thank you for sharing your deep experience. Certanly, your life proclaims God's love, and this is a path that goes more and more deeply in love, fullness and Mistery…


  3. Robin says:

    This is so beautiful, and is something I'm going to print out and post to remind me of what is just beginning to register in the smallest way. After all the years of preparation, most of which took place in the context of the terrible loss of my son, I was ordained on October 30 – one joyous day before I had to turn immediately to the demands of breast cancer and the surgery that awaited me two weeks later. It's been very difficult for me even to recall that my ordination actually took place, much less the depth of its meaning. So thank you for helping to steer me back on track.


  4. Debbie says:

    Thank you so much for beautiful story and the reminder that I need to stop and consider the lilies.


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