La Mezcla

The Mix. Such is my life these days and weeks… doing grades…beginning goodbyes…
finishing school with my wacky, antsy, students who are completing last projects in a frantic frenzy while otherwise anticipating the onset of vacation…

Coming to realize more fully what it means to me that I have been recommended for final vows and can anticipate a ten month stay in Chile beginning this Fall once I receive word from Rome…while also beginning to be seen by more people as a writer whose work they anticipate on the blog for the capital campaign at my parish…

Coming to a new level of gratitude for having the time and friends in my life with whom I can gather, eat, laugh, cry, listen, and have each speak of the movement of God in his or her life. Being able to tell them chapters of the story of how I got to where I am and have the faith/feeling that they “get it.” Being able to tell them that I am filled beyond description with the possibility of coming to know more of God during my time in Chile…that I can’t wait to speak Spanish for ten months–knowing that it will tax me as much as teach me, but also knowing how much I enjoy what it feels like in my mouth, how it changes my thinking…

Having someone at school want to host a party to celebrate the next chapter of my life…going to lunch with friends today…and then spontaneously gathering with other passers-by on a street corner on the way home because someone was practicing his opera piece in an apartment with open windows.

Yes, quite a mix. Even though it does get crazy, I can’t quite imagine anything less.

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