Spin me a Wander

Spin me a Wander

I ache and I grace

and I cannot explain

beyond “Spin me a wander path

the color of light—

I will bough, I will Spring, I

will leaf and Fall and

stark rattle my branches,

calling the birds

to come sing in my hair.”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane says:

    I get that, I thinkAched and graced all dayTook a wander path at sunsetDown a peninsula to a cute caféReturned – Colors of twilight surrealWas it just this morning that a chickadee landed on my head?Touched by your words,Diane


  2. MperiodPress says:

    Thank you for the image of the chickadee on your head! And for the gift of you sharing your own poetry.How lucky I am to have such readers as you. gratefully, MperiodPress


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