Agreeing with Gertrude

Please enjoy…I received them this afternoon. They are on the dining room table at the moment and are simply too lovely not to share. There is a blush on the petals that can not be seen here…it might be peach, it might be pink, and I rather like the fact that I can’t quite tell… they bring me a sense of calm, quiet beauty that lasts. Beauty deep and mysterious, layered and organic, and accomplished only by being unabashedly what one was created to be.

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  1. Roe says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful, in so many ways.


  2. MperiodPress says:

    So glad you stopped by, friend, and dropped a word… thank you. They have opened up more since this snap and continue to age in graceful wonder.


  3. Donald says:

    The roses are full of meaning… maybe even sacramental?


  4. MperiodPress says:

    Well done, friend. Yes, I think they are…. which gives understanding to why I could simply sit at length and look at them with intention, wanting to see through to what was beyond. In Sacramentos Boff calls that quality of a sacrament \”diaphony.\” A lovely word for it.I saved petals and sprinkled them throughout my journal to come across while paging along… There\’s another question to consider…what are the holy, sacred places we use to render accessible and safe the record of our sacramental lives? And why do we choose them?


  5. leah sophia says:

    Beautiful blog, in every way; welcome to the RevGals!


  6. MperiodPress says:

    Dear Leah Sophia,Thank you for your kind words, for stopping by, and for the welcome.I notice two of your favorite books are the dictionary and the thesaurus… you are not alone!


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