Primordial Language

I was at a meeting this weekend when the term “primordial word” came up while speaking about the heart. “Heart” is one of those images, those words, those concepts, those symbols, that, for lack of a more technical term, twangs us inside. This idea, that there are those innate concepts/images that evoke such a manifested reaction, fascinates me. The language can change…and does change depending on culture, etc. The language gives expression to what is a common species-connection — the internal resonance. The broadening impact this has, then, on the Prologue to the Gospel of John, thrills me! In the beginning was the Word. The Word! Not the Language. The Word. I find myself now thinking of Word as the dimensional aspect of Language. Word, the air, Language, the balloon? Different, but also dependent on each other for significance.

Something to tuck in my pocket and mull.

Primordial Words

Resonances of a mystical past-

a convergence of syllables,
of blood and of bone,
and the rhythms of need
that must be met
for the reverberation
of glory within us
to fill past full and
so intone the air
that breath itself
is singing.

A convergence
that both is and was
our becoming.

copyright MperiodPress

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