A New Venture

Many people have asked me when I would begin my own blog. Until now, I managed to find the necessary reasons to put it off. Time. Material. Concern for how it would be received. But, a fellow blogger and friend has inspired me with his brilliant, tender, writing put out there for readers to view. I do this sort of thing already– though informally. This more public leap is a bold one for me and the beginning of Advent seems an appropriate time to set out on such a journey of faith.

Welcome, friends. Let us go, then, you and I.

Advent I 2007

All of the Wise Journey

In my nighttime winter wander
toward the radiant Word becoming,
anoint me, star bright God,
with the oil of gladness.
And, oh more than please,
let it not be with only a little.

I want to feel it
seep and smooth
into my veins, my heart, my joints
that I might speak with ease of Glory;
that I might kneel in awe
at the close of a luminous journey,
burning within at the wonder
of what I have become
and what I will then behold.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am glad you finally got it together and now have your own blog. You need to complete your profile. A little 411 is good and may inspire others. You may have put a spark under me to get mine going or WEB page or something with photos and whatever. Anyway congrats and keep it going. Peace and love, Irma


  2. Donald says:

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! What a fine Advent discipline for a writer of your vision and heart…Strike up the chorus!


  3. Mata Kari says:

    This is wonderful! Your writing is always insightful…and it is a great step to \”put your writing out there.\” Good Luck!!


  4. MperiodPress says:

    Irma,Thank you for your support and YES! Fan the spark, my sister.love…


  5. MperiodPress says:

    Donald,Your hearty, hardy welcome is most appreciated, friend. As is your continued inspiration…shalom…


  6. MperiodPress says:

    Mata,What fun to see you here! There is nothing, nothing, nothing, like a lifetime friend. Enjoy the season of light and joy…thanks for the good wishes!love…


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