Is light, is light, is light

From the notebook…

18 May, 2020 8:00 AM. Having a breakfast picnic in the Public Gardens. It is unbelievably beautiful here right now—very few people, a low-grade misty haze, sun that is making a tie-dye patten bloom in the clouds, and. cohort of crows that are either glad for the company or wish me to leave—with crows, it can be hard to tell. I have apologised if I am disturbing their peace. Oh! With just the slightest shift of the moment, the patch of grass in front of the bench where I am sitting is radiant! Each soft small blade is tipped with its own droplet that is acting like a prism for the light. And how I love that together, this community is cradling the joyous becoming of new dandelions…

There is a touching circularity to this momentary confluence of grace… With the reach of the new orange-yellow of the flowers…and then the iridescence of the grass…and the peace of place found on this bench, in these Gardens, at this moment…the corded, rooted, solid, wounded, steadfast, trunks…the leaves that are unfurling bit by bit, as yet seen as a glancing suggestion of colour caught only out of the corner of one’s eye…and then the sun… It is a reminder, a reassurance, that all is held by and within light. Above, below, and around…is light is light is light…seen and unseen, contained, and revealed.

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  1. Barbara McVeigh says:

    Aaaah … beauty … in abundance … there for the seeing. Thank you for opening my eyes once again!

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    1. Thank you for all of the ways YOU share light, Barbara!!


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