The Gardens

Halifax Public Gardens
It’s textures that captivate me, and colours.
And nature’s infinite compassion 
for me still having this idea
that not so secretly pleases my spirit: 
if I look long enough, could let go
just so, I’d be on the inside and know
the interiority of a stone, the expansiveness
of blue, and the shiny tingle of perfection
when light and shape and Beingness align.
tend to mind if the eye dwells too long 
on a line or a curve,
on a sway or on a softness.
Other wild elements invite me to stillness,
to a looseness of mind and grandeur of heart
that sees the tracery holding panes of divinity 
in the molecules that call to me 
in the raw spectacle of a garden.
Beauty in the simplest; radiant complexity.
Harmonies to make me weep and contrasts
that leave me breathless and believing still
that being caught-up in wonder is 
an ache of the senses and accessible glory.
It is good for the soul
to have a place to wander free,
to behold and be permitted
the revelation of awe.

Kimberly M. King, RSCJ

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