Boxing Day–Rev Gals

What Five Things did today bring for me?

1. A day long mental hum of Good King Wenceslaus!

2. A poem for an exhausted friend (see below if interested)

3. A walk on the streets of Manhattan where I encountered a mother trying to apply Chapstick to her kid’s lips and who finally had to say, “Look, you can sing, but you can’t move your lips, honey.”

4. A modestly better mood than the one I’ve been in the last couple of weeks

5. Bonus points of personal satisfaction for doing a good job translating the poem before checking online and human resources.

Not too bad.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Hee hee to number 3


  2. MperiodPress says:

    Yes, it was pretty funny. Got to love those little overheard wisps of life! Hope your Christmas went well–thanks for stopping by for a visit!


  3. Purple says:

    Singing…or humming…is good.


  4. MperiodPress says:

    Thank you, Purple, for taking time to comment. I agree that there is something good in song–something that gets conveyed that way that can be communicated in no other fashion.Hope your Christmas was a good one–filled with grace and peace. (I like the Silent Night vid you posted, by the way. Thanks for that!)


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